Winter Hair Blues? KeraGreen to the Rescue!

Winter weather drying up your locks? During the dry, winter wonderland months, three common issues attack our daily styling endeavors: Breakage, Static and Dullness.

For our friends bundling up and venturing out into the streets of what this polar vortex left in its wake, still wanting to rock beautiful locks—KeraGreen is here to rescue your hair with these quick, and easy Kera product tips!
During winter months, the change in weather removes humidity from the air, which in turn doesn’t only affect our skin—drying it out—but our hair and scalp as well.


During the summer we expose our hair to sun, salt water, and chlorine, resulting in much common hair-damaging issues but just as well, winter is not the time to forget about nourishing our hair. The cold weather dries the scalp which can create some peeling. Why? Just like our face, our scalp is dehydrated. When this happens, our locks are prone to drying out, leading to breakage.


As you brave the winter streets, all the dry air wiping through your hair picks up electrical charges causing staticky locks. Sure, some may suggest carrying dryer sheets in your purse, then busting them out in public to tame the unintended Albert Einstein do, but that’s not always the ideal solution.


We tend to face two hair issues during the winter season. One is our color, due to again, the dry, and lackluster treatment our hair endures, which looks muted, and faded. Second is styling. Wearing all those hats to keep the cold away can weigh our style down—since it’s naturally trapped with heat under those hates—leaving it to look flat.

Solution: KeraTips

First, moisturizing your hair with protein complex products will help strengthen your hair, moisturizing the scalp, relieving the dryness. The hair needs daily conditioning to avoid and/or repair these three Winter Blues issues. We have a few products just for the job!

KeraGreen’s Keratin & Protein Shampoo and Conditioner are a great base to help put back essential amino acids, vitamins and protein that your hair is losing during the season.

KeraHydrate—a new KeraGreen product—is a leave in treatment infused with argan oil and bamboo extracts that restore your hair without weighing it down. After you wash your hair—before air drying or styling—work this through your locks. You’ll be putting in moisture that will defend against winter elements.

KeraRevive, also infused with argan oil repairs, reconstructs, and rejuvenates dry, damaged, or brittle hair. This convenient two ounce product can be carried around in your purse. Throughout your day, apply this rich, fragrant oil from the mid-shaft of hair, working through your tips. This will restore shine, and give your hair life, eliminating dullness. Continued use of this product helps in the prevention of split ends, hair breakage, and dry scalp.

Arm yourself this winter with these hair reviving products and strut your polar vortex affected streets with confidence. Go ahead, do a hair flip while you’re at it—you’re worth it and your hair looks great.

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