Who We Are?

WideRangeofProducts2We are always in pursuit of health and beauty, as we believe our health and the future of our planet is in our hands today. The carbon footprint we leave behind will impact the quality of life of future generations. As a company, KeraGreen is committed to the well being of both our clients and our planet. We are always on the search for the cure to damaged hair, using only superior natural and certified organic ingredients. We have created a keratin system that is safe and effective, preserving our clients’ health and our fragile ecosystem for future generations. Our group is composed of health-conscious experts with over 35 years of experience in the health and beauty industry. This is why we stand out as a company. We have responsibly left out toxins present in other keratin treatments, such as formaldehyde, to create a safe and effective product.

We can testify to the severe damage and danger that exposure to toxic ingredients can have on a person’s health. Lord Beauty Designs is committed to continuously search for methods to restore damaged hair through the use of natural and certified organic extracts that will not expose our clients to unnecessary health risks.

Go Green with KeraGreen!

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