Summer is Here – Beat the Frizz!




Summer’s here and most of us are not going for Disney’s awesome heroine Princess Merida from “BRAVE” look. (Though she rocks those red headed curls well) We all love fun in the sun and we all want to still look good doing it. But what’s a girl to do when humidity from hot days attack with vengeance? Well, many women across the country and the world have discovered their Summer Hair Remedy!


The new and innovative KeraGreen Keratin and Protein Hair System far exceeds what similar products have done in the past. Our products don’t just change the appearance of the hair, but work to restore the health and shine of dry, damaged hair.

Oh, the beauty of going to the pool with family, weekend at the beach with friends or even getting caught in an unexpected Summer rain shower and not worry about FRIZZ! Keragreen women AND men (yes, even men use KERAGREEN!) can enjoy their Summer with ease.



After getting out of the salty or chlorine water, while wet apply some KeraHydrate to your hair.Its our leave-in treatment formulated with Argan Oil and Bamboo extracts that will restore your hair without weighing it down. Its great for hydrating your hair from the damages of those Summer beach or pool days.

As your hair begins to dry in the midst of all the fun, reach in your beach bag for any of these KeraGreen products!

KeraRevive with Argan Oil   


KeraGreen Silk


Both are great for protecting your hair from those UV Sun rays leading to further heat damage as well as smoothing out your strands giving them a sleek look, soft feel and the smell…your hair will smell great!

So don’t fear Summer activities, jump right in and don’t forget your KERAGREEN!

Go  Green with Keragreen!

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