Spring Cleaning: Hair 2014


The sun feels a bit brighter, the grass is beginning to look greener, which must mean one thing: Spring is approaching! That eludes to the infamous ‘spring cleaning’ where closets, cabinets, even wardrobe get a makeover. But those aren’t the only areas to benefit from this fresh start event—why not include your hair as well?

Here are some KeraTips for spring cleaning your hair, heating tools and go-to products now that we’re waving goodbye to those dreaded Winter Blues!

Spring ‘Clean’ Your Hair:

Your hair has been through a lot this winter season. Why wouldn’t it need a touch of spring in order to bloom those cute new spring hair trends?

First we suggest a deep cleansing followed up by a deep conditioning. Both of these can be done at your local KeraGreen servicing salon. Explain to your stylist that you would like a Pre-Clarifying Shampoo to really clean you from all excess oils and outdoor elements. It’s preparing a blank canvas for your beautiful masterpiece. Next, have your stylist perform a KeraGreen Maintenance deep treatment to your hair. It’s a professional product only a stylist can perform and is packed with rich proteins and nutrients your hair needs replaced. This can be performed once or twice monthly.

Can’t afford a salon visit? We’ve got an at-home version as well! Stock up on your KeraGreen Protein Shampoo and Conditioner. Our certified organic Shampoo is sulfate-free and will cleanse your hair without weighing it down. Next, skip out on the Protein Conditioner once or twice a month for a KeraRenew deep treatment in your very own shower. It will repair, rejuvenate, and reconstruct your hair.

Also, how about refreshing your hair with a new color and/or a trim? You’ll walk out feeling like a new woman!

Spring clean your hair products:

Are you a hair product hoarder like me? I have a bad habit of stocking up on products like a bear before winter hibernation. Well spring is here and it’s time to clean out those bathroom cabinets and vanities. Any old hairsprays, dry shampoos, gels, and especially chemical products that are six months or older—toss them out! Old brushes or combs that are missing teeth or falling apart, toss those in the bin too. Any brushes you have left that are still in shape, soak in gentle shampoo and warm water, then letting them dry overnight.

Heat tools:

Do your heat styling tools have dirt, oil and grime from product buildup on them? Take a cloth and soak it with lukewarm water. Making sure all your heating tools are unplugged and cooled down, take the cloth and gently clean them off, letting them completely dry before using them again.

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